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NEET 2018 Politics continues.

The controversies regarding the conduction of NEET 2018 continue to boil grimly in the underbellies of Tamil Nadu. The unrest has been growing in the southern state of India for quite a while now.

Adding woe to worries, the erstwhile Minister of State Cabinet, Mr K N Nehru, made a statement yesterday. Since long, He pointed out that the students of the State have been demanding exemption from NEET altogether. He warned that if the students’ demand was not met this time, and if he comes into office, he will allow overt malpractices in NEET 2018 all across the State.NEET 2018 Politics

He also didn’t refrain from saying that Unfair Means were rampant in States like MP & Bihar, thus trying to justify his former statement.

With NEET getting closer everyday, such diatribe would create agitation in the minds of NEET aspirants.


Exemption demand from NEET in Tamil Nadu takes major political hue

exemption demand

Political motivation darkens the horizon of NEET arena in Tamil Nadu. A group – The Federation for Protection of Democratic Rights – had taken up the exemption demand of Tamil Nadu from NEET; as a consequence of the recent revocation of the decree pertaining to inclusion of State Syllabi in NEET; and now, mainstream political parties have made it into a cause for political campaign.

furthermore 5th of February has been chosen as a date for launching protests by FPDR, and then, at first by DMK and now, MDMK & CPI have decided to intervene. They demand that since the Centre decided against separate papers for different languages in NEET 2018. Tamil Nadu no longer wished to be a part of the same.

MDMK General Secretary Vaiko colored the canvas in his own way. They saying that the aforesaid decision of the Centre was an attempt to patronize the power of the State Government.

Beating his own drum, PMK Youth wing leader & MP Anbumani Ramadoss went as far as to say that if it could not stop NEET, the State Government should resign.

The concern is that if the Supreme Court is moved in this situation, it being a strife between Union & State Government, the Court might be left with no choice but to issue a stay on NEET in Tamil Nadu, in all probability, jeopardizing the future of many aspirants. It would also be a challenge to the uniformity in quality of candidates that a centrally conducted Entrance test provides.

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NEET Registration 2018

NEET Registration 2018

NEET Registration 2017 had begun this day, last year and ended on 1st of next month. Till now, there has been no official announcement of the same. It is also speculated, not without a degree of conviction that the exam will be held on the first Sunday of the month of May, i.e., the 6th.

NEET 2018 seems to be preceded by a series of abnormal decisions followed by their revocation.

An important fact to be kept in mind is that since last year, it is mandatory to register the Aadhar Number.

We will be the first to inform you of any changes immediately.

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NEET 2018 Eligibility Criteria of Upper Age Limit shrinks


The controversial 11th Hour decisions pertaining to NEET 2018 continue to plague the final phase of preparation of youngsters. In Gazette Notification, the Central Government has cut down the NEET 2018 Eligibility Criteria of Upper Age to 25 years.

Again, the Order comes at a point where thousands of students above 25 years have invested time & energy for at least a year, the value of one whole year at this turn of life can be appreciated by one & all.

Needless to say, it will also create a pressure on candidates nearing the upper age limit. Because they have realized today that their options have drastically been cut down. The Directive comes neutralizing an earlier decision by Supreme Court on March 31, 2017. In that, no Upper Age Limit was stipulated.

Last year also, a situation had erupted when the upper age limit of 25 years had been published directly in the NEET Brochure. The decision was revoked after protests that there had been no prior intimation.

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Dr Rachit Agrawal, NEET PG 2018 Topper – Story & Tips

Time has spewed off another thrilling story of Success born of perseverance and hard work. The Fat Lady sings – No success without Hard Work and invariably, most turn a deaf year.

Its time to recognize Dr Rachit Agrawal, born & brought up in Ahmedabad! For betterment, let’s call it a coincidence that Dr Agrawal’s father & brother are Medicos, the former an Ophthalmologist and the latter, a Radiologist. Also, let’s ignore that he was a good student in School too, he managed to score 95.1% in HSC. This deliberate overlooking of facts is recommended because, genetic predisposition and consistency in Academic performance are overrated. Genetics is the result of accumulation of traits over generations and every examination is a separate incident, if you know what is indicated.

Dr Rachit Agrawal NEET PG score

Dr Rachit Agrawal scored 975 out of 1200, superseding every other Doctor in India, a simple fact that is the consequence of a complex combination of conscious decisions. All one needs to do is examine his Modus Operandi, his way of working.

A handsome young man, with a light, fresh line of moustache and a look of endearing naivety, Dr Agrawal is a perfect balance of focus and simplicity. He very openly discloses that he started preparing for NEET PG 2018 about 4 years ago, sometime during his II year of MBBS. Perseverance and consistency of degree of efforts was the key. Dr Rachit Agrawal specifically mentions that the going got tough during his Internship. He had to attend the Hospital for 10 hrs. Then he found in him the will to study for 8 to 9 hrs. He uses an adjective ‘grueling’ to describe the phase of his preparation during Final Year.

There you go! Put simply, as all have heard plenty of times, there’s no short-cut to success. Also, putting on a garb of satisfaction is a way chosen by the weak.


No separate NEET UG 2018 Question Paper for different Languages

Continuing the trend of major decisions regarding NEET UG 2018 question paper, the Apex Court has stipulated that creating different papers for the 10 different languages, including Hindi & English, hampers the purpose of uniformity. The Court raised doubts pertaining to the effectiveness of judging the competence of the students if the Questions are of different degree of difficulty.

The Court was deliberating upon a plea put up by ‘Sankalp’ charitable trust requesting a decision instructing CBSE to have one set of QP, translated in different Languages, to which the Court agreed.

The CBSE concurred and stated that from current session, only one QP will be set and it will merely be translated in different languages.

This is definitely a sensible step to take. It is hard to imagine how such a practice was conceived in the first place. It was a great lacuna in the process and the decision to restructure this area of NEET is welcome and commendable.

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Deemed eligible to appear in NEET 2018

Bringing undoubted alleviation to many, the Health Ministry yesterday directed the MCI to retract its earlier mandate scrapping off eligibility of NIOS & other Open School candidates. On August 9, the MCI had issued an unexpected edict rendering all students of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and other open schools ineligible to appear in NEET 2018.

Reversal of decisions pertaining to NEET 2018, that can only be categorized as ‘peculiar’ seems to be in the air. First, there was the retraction of proposed Syllabus change and now, this. The MCI’s decision obviously caused major concern among the Open School-goers.

Though, the intervention of Health Ministry is welcome, there is no denying the fact that the MCI’s decree has to have caused wide spread derailing of the preparation of the concerned students at a very crucial juncture.

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NEET PG Results declared – Some examinees claim receiving calls offering Ranks for a Price!

The NEET PG Results for have been released. One can access respective results from the National Board of Examinations (NBE) official website The Board has stated that the Merit List will be uploaded after the application of tie-breaker criteria (details of tie-breaker in the info Bulletin for NEET-PG 2018).

Amidst the excitement of this consequential development, malevolent opportunists have, as usual, managed to generate apprehension. In Ahmedabad, 4 NEET-PG aspirants have claimed that an anonymous caller called them to propose a deal to the effect that upon paying 3 – 4 lacs, scores or ranks in the examination could be engineered.

Reacting to the unfortunate development, the NBE has warned that none should fall prey to such swindlers as fulfillment of such claims can under no circumstances be precipitated.

The reader should keep in mind the possibility that since the caller/s allegedly asked for immediate down-payment of Rs. 40,000, it, in all probability, could be a hoax. Another perspective may be that the Doctors claiming such an incident could have ulterior motives.

Moksh extends heartiest congratulations to all the Doctors who, through this examination, have managed to arrive. Equally importantly, all medicos looking to achieve this academic qualification must weigh & accordingly explore other great options.

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“The Day of Reckoning at hand – NEET 2018 on May 6th!”

CBSE has declared the Date for the holding of the common Medical Entrance test that will decide the extent of manifestation of dreams of all Indian youth who wish to make careers in Medicine. True but not quite! Before we understand why it is ‘not quite true’, let’s get a grip on reality, and what is more realistic than Numbers?

NEET 2017 saw more or less 10 Lac Registrations – a formidable number indeed! Of these, how many reach the point of realization of dreams of becoming Doctors? Approximately 64,000. That is the ballpark number of MBBS seats available in India, less than 30,000 of these being Government seats that would be easily affordable.

Moksh extends heartiest congratulations to these fortunate few who will manage to cross the line and enter the circle of reverence. But, can anybody help but reach out to the hoards of competent young minds that could have been assets to Medicine but their path is blocked just because they didn’t perform too well in Current Electricity or Optics, or they couldn’t cram up the various Oxides Nitrogen makes and their properties?

Its time to convince your soul that from now on, you will let no body tell you that you are not good enough. Only those dreams are worth holding on to that you actually crave for. The best part is – Moksh has created channels for you that would actually give you solutions that would make you world-class Medical professionals.

Keep preparing for NEET 2018 and give it your best shot. Nothing can be done if you don’t appear in it. And then, irrespective of your score, let Moksh make sure that you have better and bigger dreams than ever before!

NEET 2018 Date announced – Date of commencement of Registration & detailed Syllabus for NEET 2018 made public

NEET aspirants, the wait is over! Central Board of Secondary Education has officially revealed the date of conduction of NEET 2018 date to be 6th of May, 2018.
The tentative date for beginning of NEET 2018 Registration is speculated to be 31st of Jan, 2018. Eligible aspirants can register Online at .

Moksh NEET already informed the readers that the Union Government has withdrawn its proposal to include State Curricula in NEET 2018 Syllabus subsequent to widespread protests.

A simplified and detailed NEET 2018 Syllabus which provides a clearer vision of the syllabus can be accessed at Moksh by clicking here.