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Moksh Study Abroad Consultants

  • Moksh Study Abroad Consultants has emerged as an one- stop destination and the largest study abroad consultants in India.
  • The Education System in India leaves a lot to be desired. The result is the meteoric rise in significance of overseas education consulting.
  • Consequently, the number of Overseas Education Consultants in India has risen by leaps and bounds.
  • The Indian Education System seems to be producing only Doctors and Engineers. Therefore, the scope is getting limited, every passing day, due to the Indian Education System problems.
  • India’s Education System seems to lack the Infrastructure to engage enough youngsters who want to be Doctors.
  • While, the large numbers of Engineers coming out has caused saturation. Hence, there’s large scale unemployment due to Indian Education System today.
  • Study Abroad Programs come as a welcome relief, at this juncture. To study in abroad means the mental horizons of the students expand.
  • First of all, Admission to Foreign University opens new perspectives and brings to light many options that did not exist earlier.
  • Also, Studying in Abroad gives local exposure to a whole new cultural environment. Hence, there is a change in mindset.
  • Most important, abroad learning does wonders to the student’s confidence. Consequently, access to new standards of living becomes possible.
  • Hence, studying abroad programs are gaining popularity. Mostly, students prefer the 5 English speaking countries. But the Cost factor is a major deterrent.
  • Therefore, Moksh Study Abroad Consultants has taken up the task of providing uniformity of opportunity to the different strata of our society.
  • Moksh Study Abroad Consultants are focused on looking for inexpensive but effective and genuine study abroad Universities.
  • The Study Abroad Programs in which Moksh Study Abroad Consultants are active in, include –
  • MBBS & PG

      MBBS Admission Abroad and Courses after MBBS in USA and other countries are among our prime areas of functioning. We assist students from the process of Admission in MBBS, right to the completion of PG.

  • Engineering

      A little effort towards understanding the Indian Education system reveals the reason of rampant unemployment in the field of Engineering in India. Engineering Education system of India focuses on Theoretical aspect, mostly due to lack of Resources. In contrast, Engineering in Germany is world-renowned and top Engineering schools in Germany have tie-ups with Moksh Study Abroad Consultants. Also, the other major Countries famous for Engineering are equally accessible through us.

  • Youth Travels

      This pioneering area of work in which we are actively involved arranges Short Term Courses Abroad. These Short Term Study Abroad Programs may be 2 Week Study Abroad Programs or 3 Week Study Abroad Programs or longer. Recently, Short Term Courses Abroad after Graduation or High School, are becoming popular and Moksh is already there to plan it out for you.